This is ARCH
ARCH is short for Arthritis Research and Collaboration Hub and was set up by ReumaNederland (Arthritis Netherlands). It is a platform that brings together medical expertise on rare forms of arthritis (also known as systemic autoimmune diseases) for patients and healthcare professionals in the Netherlands. ARCH helps to create better care and reduce the burden of disease by making national expertise available at a local level.

Website information
You can find more information about ARCH on this website, including our vision and approach (ARCH hubs), how ARCH works, who is involved in ARCH, the conditions we want to improve care for (currently systemic sclerosisANCA associated vasculitis, and antiphospholipid syndrome) and what we can do for you.




ARCH publicaties
Over en van ARCH verschijnen regelmatig artikelen. Deze vindt u hier.
ARCH in the media

The ARCH working group SSc has published an article in Clinical Rheumatology magazine on the results of their study and their working conference.

The NVLE Venster magazine (only available for members) includes an interview with Madelon Vonk and Julia Spierings about ARCH systemic sclerosis.

The working group AAV provided an update of all ARCH AAV developments in the August 2018 edition of Vascuzine.

And in Focus Vasculair, project team members explain why ARCH is important.


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ARCH news 1 (Dutch only)

ARCH news 2 (Dutch only)