Care for people with rare forms of arthritis, also known as systemic autoimmune diseases, can be improved. A condition that is relatively uncommon is often more difficult to diagnose: a shortage of organized expertise on the condition means it can be a while before the right diagnosis is made and the best treatment found for the patient.

The search can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating, both for the patient and the attending specialist. Through the ARCH expertise platform, we aim to ensure that every patient and attending specialist in a general hospital has access to the knowledge and experience of all the experts on the condition in question and, as a result, will get the right diagnosis and best treatment. We want to share knowledge on the platform but also create knowledge by sharing information nationally and learning from it. While doing so, we will of course respect the patient’s privacy at all times.

Lodewijk Ridderbos, Director of ReumaNederland

“It’s all about getting the best care for the patient. Through ARCH, there’s direct contact with the experts.”

Hein Moens, chair ARCH

“Our dream is to not only make the knowledge we have on rare forms of arthritis available to all our patients and healthcare professionals but also increase this knowledge.”