Shared care
There is expertise around everywhere. Which is why ARCH uses the shared care principle. It means attending practitioners in local hospitals and university hospitals work together to ensure a patient’s care is as well-coordinated as possible.

In order to develop shared care for patients, we organize regional ARCH hubs as an extension to the current practices and standard arrangements for care. An ARCH hub is a regional network of practitioners, in both local and university hospitals, that all take part in weekly or monthly regional consultations. The whole is, after all, greater than the sum of its parts. The particular expertise of an ARCH hub is defined by the sum of the knowledge of the practitioners in the team.

Coordinating centre
A coordinating centre is responsible for the formation and continuity of a regional ARCH hub. In practice, this is often the organisation with expertise in the various systemic autoimmune disease covered by ARCH (see overview of conditions). The coordinating centre is largely responsible for the logistic, administrative and coordinating tasks involved in bringing the practitioners together in the regional network. ARCH facilitates the collaboration for delivering shared care to patients and optimising the sharing of patient data between practitioners.

The main advantages of the ARCH hub

  • Each patient can ask to have their problem or question discussed by the practitioner during a meeting of the relevant ARCH hub. The patient is then assured of having access to a wide range of expertise on their particular condition.
  • Knowledge, experience and expertise are bundled, shared, maintained and further developed in the hubs. This knowledge, experience and expertise is always accessible to participants in the ARCH hub, regardless of the person or location. National expertise ‘in the cloud’ is easily accessible.
  • This all means ARCH promotes a transparent and clear structure of consulting and working nationally for both patients and healthcare professionals

The number of ARCH hubs varies per systemic autoimmune disease. The suggested geographic regions (see map) are simply a guideline for organising the ARCH hubs. Every practitioner or hospital is free to participate in one or more ARCH hub regional consultations.

Our aim is to form the first ARCH hubs in 2019. If you would like to find out more, contact Han de Ruiter or Onno Teng through