ARCH for me

ARCH brings people and information together. It encourages and facilitates collaboration and consultation between the patient, attending specialist and experts specialised in the condition concerned. This is why both patients and healthcare professionals are closely involved in ARCH. Together, we try to find answers to questions such as how the right diagnosis can be made, what the best treatment for a particular condition and/or patient is, what the patient wants and how well information exchange and collaboration is taking place?

For patient and healthcare professional
ARCH provides advantages for both the patient and the healthcare professional. The patient receives expert advice on the best possible treatment early on in the course of their disease, and healthcare professionals work together optimally through ARCH sharing information, knowledge and expertise so as to establish the right diagnosis and the best course of treatment.






“I want to be sure that I’m getting the best possible treatment for my rare form of arthritis. And preferably from my own doctor in my local hospital. Long journeys just aren’t option for me now.”

Healthcare professional

“It’s important that you know where you can turn to with problems that go beyond your expertise.”

“It’s the same for any doctor: the more patients you see, the more you learn about different diseases.”