ARCH for the healthcare professional
By pooling expertise ARCH aims to help improve healthcare for patients. But ARCH is not only for patients, it is also a platform for attending specialists and experts. The expertise platform facilitates collaboration and the exchange of information, knowledge and experience concerning rare forms of arthritis.

The main advantages

  • Where this is not yet the case, there will soon be consensus on the care path for patients with those rare forms of arthritis covered by ARCH.
  • When a rare form of arthritis is suspected, the attending specialist and expert can immediately collaborate on the diagnosis and discuss the best course of treatment with the patient.
  • ARCH facilitates the exchange of information between patients and healthcare professionals.
  • ARCH provides insights into the patient population, different treatments and the results of treatment in regional and national medical centres that can then lead to better care.
  • Thanks to the information ARCH gets from patients, better research can be carried out into improving diagnosis and treatment.



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