ARCH for the patient
Do you have, or think you may have, a rare form of arthritis? The ARCH expertise platform will help you get the right diagnosis quickly and receive the best possible treatment there is. ARCH puts you in touch with experts that know all there is to know about your condition. Your treatment combines the latest insights and possibilities with what you yourself feel is important. And you can ask questions without having to travel a long way or wait a long time for an appointment. Your attending specialist will help you so that together you can choose what treatment is best for your lifestyle.

The main advantages
Being able to establish a diagnosis more quickly creates a number of advantages, such as:

  • having less uncertainty about your diagnosis
  • being able to start the right/best treatment more quickly
  • not having to put up with unnecessary complaints as long
  • preventing permanent damage

ARCH also gives you:

  • the assurance of good care close to home
  • access to the knowledge and experience of those experts specialised in your condition
  • the chance to contribute to better care in the future by letting your case details be used in research (on a voluntary basis, there is no obligation)

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